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shining stars - special needs

Shining Stars in an instructor led, 30-minute class. It was created to be all-inclusive and provide a physical outlet to boys and girls with special needs, ages 3 and up. Children will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics and are encouraged to participate and progress at their own rate.



*Students enrolled are required to be accompanied by 1 adult at all times during the class.

Shining Stars focuses on a wide range of developmental skills such as:





Evaluations are available to view ONLY during Week 4, 7, and 8 of the 8-week session

• Each child will receive a final online skill evaluation and achievement ribbon at the completion of the 8-week session.

• Each child leveling up to the next class will receive an achievement medal at the completion of the 8-week session.

• A green checkmark next to your child's online skill evaluation means they have passed the level.

• Students leveling up will automatically receive an e-mail with their new class name and information on how to register. 

• Cognitive skills

• Gross & fine motor skills

• Social skills

• Self-esteem

• Body awareness

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