school age gymnastics

Our School Age Program offers a fun and energetic, yet structured environment, where boys and girls ages 4.5 years and up will work on strength, flexibility, self-discipline and basic to advanced gymnastics skills during a 55-minute class.


For girls classes we offer 4 class levels broken into different age ranges.




For boys classes we offer 2 class levels for ages 4.5 years and up:



*Registration in Bronze 2, Silver, Gold and Advanced Boys Classes requires achievement of Report Card skill set in previous class. We would be happy to go over these requirements with you to make sure your child is placed in the class that will be most challenging and rewarding for them!

*Students receive a report card every 8 weeks tracking their progress in class.

• Age groups include: 4.5-6 years, 7-9 years, and 10+ years

• Class levels progress as follows: Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Silver, Gold

• Beginner

• Advanced

face masks no longer required