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competitive team

Level 1 through 10 and Xcel – USA Gymnastics


Premier’s Competitive Team Program begins in Level 1 progressing through Level 10. Gymnasts Level 1-4 compete in the Fall Season.  Gymnasts Level 6-10 and Xcel compete in the Spring Season. 


At Premier, it is important each gymnast gets individual attention, which is why our group sizes are limited. Our gymnasts train to progress through the levels at a pace comfortable for each individual. Progressions to upper levels are incorporated in all workouts, allowing the gymnasts to achieve new skills year-round and consistently succeed. 


Our Competitive Teams train limited hours, with efficient practices, to get the most out of each workout and give the girls time to enjoy childhood! Through our program, we strive for the girls to gain gymnastics skills all while becoming strong, confident, positive young women. The life lessons taught through the sport of gymnastics are endless and we feel blessed to play such a vital role in our athletes’ personal development.


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